We are so excited to announce our first 2024 retreat! Join us at The Edwards House in Old Town Fort Collins, April 6-8, 2024. Share this unique, exclusive, female leadership retreat that takes an intentional heart-forward approach to business and leadership development. Intentionally incorporating your personal and professional life, we keep the groups small to enhance your experience and create authenticity. Show up “as you are,” laugh, learn, and propel each other forward on your journey – we’ll take care of the rest! We will only have 8 spots available, sign up here to set up a discovery call!

WildRock Trailblazers Retreat
WildRock Trailblazers Retreat – September 2023 Participants and Facilitators

Empowering Growth and Connection: Trailblazers

One of the most valuable aspects of the WildRock® Trailblazers Retreat is the opportunity to connect with other women who share similar experiences and aspirations. These retreats bring together a small group of high-powered female entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders, each with their unique stories, challenges, and expertise. By creating a safe and inclusive space for open dialogue, participants build strong connections and gain practical, transformative insights with proven tools that they can immediately apply to their busy day-to-day lives.

The professional development sessions will improve your teamwork, communication, and productivity so you can return to work feeling confident and better equipped to move forward into your “next”.Relationships formed during these retreats often extend beyond the event, becoming a lifelong support system, and refueling passion and excitement for your career with a concrete plan and accountability.

What is included?

We will be holding the first 2024 Trailblazers event at the luxury Edwards House bed and breakfast. Here’s what is included in your stay:

  • Overnight accommodations for the duration of the retreat: The Edwards House fuses modern elegance with charm to set the stage for our time together.
  • A Trailblazers Guidebook: for your personal and professional growth journey. Complete with an agenda of our time together, models for reference, spaces to jot down inspiration, a “map” so you can plan for your next, and more!
  • Expert women leaders to facilitate and guide you on your journey: Learn more about your co-facilitators Kristin Golliher and Brittany Szigeti here.
  • A support team: to assist you with planning and logistics to make this a smooth and memorable experience.
  • All snacks & meals: Trailblazers will cover all of your snacks and meals during the retreat. This also includes non-alcoholic beverages (coffee, tea, soda, sparkling water, etc.).
  • Edwards House Accommodations:
    • Elegant guest room furnishings
    • Custom finishes in every room
    • Plush Bath Robes
    • Custom beds with comfortable linens
    • Comfortable Work Desk
    • In-room TV
    • Hair dryer
    • Alarm clock
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Complimentary high-speed wireless internet
    • Gas fireplaces (in select rooms)
    • In-room climate control
    • Radiant in-floor heating in bathrooms
    • Insulated, sound-absorptive walls
    • Free Parking

What can I expect on my journey?

Trek One: Basecamp – Day 1 – Getting to Know You.

We’ll start by getting to know ourselves and each other at Basecamp. Day one will illuminate a deeper sense of self-awareness to understand how you’re wired. We’ll discuss how our professional styles impact our performance, our teams, and ultimately our career. You’ll gain an immediate connection with other women on a deeper level than traditional networking events. With ample time for breaks and snacks, expect to quickly settle into being unplugged and present. Dine in with a comfortable farm-to-table style dinner including great conversation and further relationship-building with the women around you. Wrap up your soul-filled day with an evening activity, time for reflection, and look ahead to day two.

Trek Two: Ascent – Day 2 – Hitting the Trail.

Now that you understand yourself and how you are wired, enter into a confidential space on day two to strengthen your perseverance. When your world is constantly changing, understand various techniques to embrace organizational and personal change in a whole new way by learning how to tap into your inner grit. Discover how to deal with challenges head-on by naming and embracing them through your words and actions. The morning and early afternoon will offer powerful connections, copious breaks, snacks, and reflection time as well as a nourishing lunch.

Trek three: The Summit – Day 2 – Reaching your Peak.

As our group reaches the peak together, we will round out day two with exercises that build confidence and reveal your inner power, giving you tools to determine what gets to stay in your life and what needs to go. This time together will include reflection and planning, preparing you for experiences and opportunities long after our retreat comes to an end. The Summit is designed to offer you a reinvigorated purpose and determine your outcome.

Trek Four: Riverside Retreat – Day 2 – Self-Care for the Distance.

Let’s stop and enjoy the view of how far we’ve come together – by mid-day on day two you’ll be able to take all you’ve learned and celebrate your newfound awareness by relaxing as well as rejuvenating with a pampering spa service of your choosing. This is your time to reflect and take time for YOU with a refreshed mind, body, and energy. Close out your amazing day with great company and a locally prepared dinner followed by a group activity in the evening.

Trek Five: The Descent – Day 3 – Mapping Your Future.

On our final morning together, we’ll take everything that you’ve learned over our three days and develop your plan for life after the retreat. Your mind will be bubbling with ideas and inspiration from fellow Trailblazers and your learnings. The result will be a “map” to help keep you on the trail to reach your full potential. As our time together comes to an end that afternoon, we will have lunch together and close with lasting appreciation and celebration.

Refuel passion and excitement for your career. We would love to see you there.