Welcome Trailblazer!

You’re here because you are ambitious, hard-working, and driven – yes, you are a Trailblazer, and you have made it far, but you’re here because something is still missing. Perhaps a confidential, safe space to learn and grow? Or a roadmap for your next step? Or, finding others like you who are honest about the fact that it’s not “just business”, it’s personal, and it’s hard. You came to the right place! A place made just for you.

WildRock® Trailblazers is designed to give women entrepreneurs and executives the support they need to achieve a rewarding professional journey. Women who are serious about taking themselves, their businesses, or their careers, to the next level. This is for my fellow makers, doers, up-all-nighters, dreamers, and overachievers – on this winding trail of life.

I have found after our first retreats and one-on-one coaching opportunities this past year, that the true honor of being a Trailblazer is to be invited into someone’s REAL – the not-so-pretty, the hard, the vulnerable, and the unpolished stuff that comes with being a high-powered woman in an executive leadership position or CEO of her own business. We invite you into this trusted, safe, and confidential space – listening and hearing with a heart-forward approach.

In 2018, my mentor, Johnna Bavoso (The People Business Inc), and I embarked on a mini getaway to Chautauqua, a beautiful destination nestled at the foot of the iconic Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. While I knew I could build incredible marketing plans all day long through my PR and marketing agency, how was I actually going to make a lasting impact on the world? My passion for supporting women became crystal clear on that getaway, and the concept of supporting others so they too could blaze trails into the future lit me up.

Like many others, I’ve tried the large networking groups, only to feel lost in the mix. Following the pandemic, I also attempted the uninspiring human connection virtually, which only left me hungry for more. In late 2021, after navigating the COVID disruption, Johnna helped me dust off the Chautauqua experience and WildRock Trailblazers was born with a retreat and one-on-one coaching offering to meet women where they are on their journey!

As we look ahead to our 2024 planning, retreats are of course top of mind. Bringing women together in this unique way is even better and more impactful than I could have imagined. Several of our attendees from our April and September 2023 retreats described them as “a gift” and our time together as, “so very enriching,” and “gratefulness for this week.” One Trailblazer shared, “To sit with beautiful, passionate women is a humbling and honoring experience.” Women like you needed to walk away with at least five things – often missing from other retreats, seminars, and networking opportunities.

  • Meaningful Connection. Keeping retreat groups small is intentional and there is a concerted focus on composing groups of like-minded women. This approach not only ensures everyone can feel comfortable and safe sharing and growing, but it also ensures that you can truly take the time to connect and form solid relationships with other women who just “get it.” Show up “as you are”, laugh, and inspire one another forward.
  • Reinvigorated Passion and Excitement. Networking is exhausting. We’ve structured Trailblazers using proven models and first-hand experience to help you plan for your next adventure – and feel truly excited about it. With professional development focused on going deeper with each other, and yourself, you’ll experience real change and transformation.
  • Greater Self-Awareness. When you’re leading a business, elevating your career, raising a family, and running from one meeting to the next, it can be easy to get lost along the way. Trailblazers give you the space and tools to remember who you are, realign your values, and understand your unique style so you can move forward with a clear sense of purpose, focus and tools for success!
  • Professional Development. It’s easy to get lost in a world of content. Trailblazers designed our professional development to be customizable to YOU. It will help you improve teamwork, communication, and productivity to return to work feeling confident and better equipped to collaborate and move forward into your “next”. Sessions are dedicated to how to bridge communication styles different than your own DiSC® and develop change management competency through proven change management practices.
  • Refreshed Mind, Body and Energy. Running a business or working at the top of your organization is exhausting personally and professionally. We do the heavy lifting to curate and create the best experience. Unlike other conferences that leave little time to apply learnings, we encourage built-in time to rest, absorb, process and apply new information. Trailblazers is designed as the perfect combination of productivity and relaxation so you can truly step away, reset, and feel ready to take on the next challenge with a new perspective.

WildRock Trailblazers Retreats are a beautiful combination of business and wellness mixed with a heart-forward approach so women can enter a space that allows them time to reflect, learn about themselves, find inspiration and support from the right people, and develop an actionable plan to move forward. We custom-designed what we had always wanted in a retreat! With curated settings – perfect for relaxation and productivity – all attendees need to do is show up.

Our vision is to see you thrive like never before and journey together. We hope you join us!

See you on the trail,

Kristin Golliher