Meet Megan Larson, Owner & Creative Director of M Rock Creative, a powerhouse in the world of web and graphic design. When you interact with Megan, you’ll see immediately that she is incredibly passionate about helping businesses elevate their brands through website and graphic design. From crafting logos for children’s museums to developing websites for tech start-ups, her diverse projects keep her engaged and on her toes.

Her favorite aspect of her career is the variety – every day brings a new challenge, from designing to maintaining WordPress websites. Despite being a creative mind, Megan has a love for data and numbers and even admittedly finds relaxation and fun (yes, you read that right) in delving into SEO and website analytics. With M Rock Creative, Megan has been fortunate to build a business that supports her family – not just monetarily but also allows her to be there for her husband and three kids.

However, as a solopreneur, Megan faces the challenge of taking extended time off, learning to delegate tasks, recognizing her strengths and letting go of control. Working alongside Kristin Golliher and the WildRock team since 2012, Megan began to explore the idea of attending a retreat. While she wasn’t sure it was right for her, especially since she wouldn’t have considered herself a retreat-type person, admiring Kristin’s drive and professionalism she decided to say yes! 

“I did everything at the retreat except for yoga! It was fun to just have casual time to connect with others and get to learn more about one another. Being able to dig into some of the ‘pain points’ of everybody’s professional lives and provide feedback and reflection was awesome!” Megan said.

When asked to describe her experience with Trailblazers in one word she said, expansion.

“I felt like attending Trailblazers helped me expand in so many ways. Some of the things I learned have supported my personal and professional life ever since. Being somebody comfortable in my own box, attending Trailblazers ‘forced’ me to get outside my comfort zone and really reflect upon my wants and needs, as well as make some awesome and inspirational new friends!” she explains. “It felt so authentic – because it was. And, to me, that is so important! It was a natural connection with the others who attended and having a net of women with different experiences and a mutual understanding and respect for one another is HUGE! Trailblazers sets that foundation. I was so apprehensive about it and from the very first trek at the retreat, I knew I made the right decision in attending!”

Megan learned so much about personality styles and how to best work with others and also learned why change is so hard for people. “I learned that, even as a solopreneur, I can choose who I work with and how I work with them. I learned that I’m not alone! I even garnered a couple of new clients (BONUS) from the group,” she said.

Personal and Professional Impact

All Trailblazers put together a plan at the end of the retreat and Megan has actively been working on her plan in meaningful and tangible ways, but shared the two that have impacted her life and business recently. Here’s what she shared:

  • I can sometimes get easily stressed out and worked up about things. I recently had something like this happen with a client and one of my goals through the retreat was to “rectify my quick anger by analyzing my assumptions first.” I took a step back and gave my brain some time and a good sleep to think through some of the issues I’ve had with this client. Taking the time to analyze my assumptions while also focusing on not going straight to anger or stress helped a ton! My client and I have since come to an awesome and honest understanding with one another and are continuing to work together – moving forward with bigger and better things!
  • Another of my action items was to stay true to my purpose statement and values (Freedom, Family, Authenticity) in all business decisions I make. I’ve made a conscious decision to only take meetings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, leaving me time on Mondays and Fridays to get work done and recharge. This time allows me to be able to take more time off throughout the week for volunteering, picking my kids up from school and taking them to activities, and just being available for my family in the evenings.

“I know taking a couple of days off work is hard, but prioritizing this time for myself was really needed. Even though I left the retreat feeling excited and overwhelmed (in a good way!), I felt as if my vision was a bit clearer,” Megan said.

As the designer of the beautiful Trailblazers’ website, Megan’s connection with the community runs deep and her personal and transformative experience with WildRock® Trailblazers continues today!

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