Meet Caitlin Wilson, CEO and Founder of Full Good Fulfillment & Logistics Agency, an expert in providing food brands with resources to help them scale quickly and efficiently through logistics, warehousing and transportation solutions.

Caitlin finds inspiration and reward in her work and loves that every single day is different. The brands she collaborates with demonstrate a ton of hard work and dedication to successfully bring a product to market – and she’ll admit this industry is not for the faint of heart! However, watching her team add value and meeting each brand wherever they are on their journey brings her great joy! The collective passion of her team helps drive brands to the best path forward.

Caitlin not only runs this successful business that helps keep the foods we all love and rely on stocked on our store shelves (thank you Caitlin!), but also devotes time to her passion for raising and riding AQHA cutting horses – all while juggling the responsibilities of motherhood. Like many of us, she says her biggest challenge is keeping a balance between family life and work life, something we discuss extensively at our women’s retreats. Following the retreat, Caitlin has placed an even bigger emphasis on leaning on her team to help her hold boundaries so she can be present for her family.

Similar to WildRock® Trailblazer Founder, Kristin Golliher, Caitlin has also worked with Johnna Bavoso for business coaching and was one of the first Trailblazer retreat attendees in April 2023. Feeling like it would be empowering to experience in a retreat setting, she decided to jump in! What could be better than a Colorado women’s retreat?

In fact, Caitlin even brought her friend Brittany Szigeti, who has been co-facilitating women’s retreats and workshops with Kristin ever since! Caitlin and Brittany have been friends since college and Caitlin credits her parents for instilling the philosophy that friendships should be maintained across all chapters of life. Friends journeying in together is something we’ve seen repeated now retreat after retreat!

Caitlin reflected on her Trailblazers women’s retreat experience saying, “I was able to get to a vulnerable space quickly and I felt so comfortable doing so. Usually, this is not easy for me! Once my guard was down, I was able to take it all in and I walked away from my time feeling so refreshed and ready to tackle all the challenges ahead!”

She loved Trailblazers’ unique women-focused approach and it really helped her, especially coming from a male-dominated profession.

“Everyone in attendance was very accomplished but so grounded which helped me to focus on not comparing my life to theirs or falling into old toxic habits. The space was so welcoming and took me past that point where I would usually default to feeling so uncomfortable in new settings.”

Personal and Professional Impact

As part of Trailblazer’s “Treks” (more detail here), retreat attendees follow a uniquely curated journey of self-discovery, how to strengthen perseverance and build confidence, and at the end put together a plan for life after the retreat. Caitlin focused on getting to the heart of what she needed to identify to reach her professional “next,” specifically:

“The exercise of knowing my ‘why I do what I do’ professionally was surprisingly hard for me to articulate. While knowing my ‘why’ clearly now, it is working on engraining those core values more into all aspects of my life and not wavering from them. I have started to focus on that as my compass thanks to my time at the Trailblazers retreat,” she explains.  

Caitlin described her biggest takeaway as:

“After leaning more into the DiSC at the retreat, I am learning to appreciate each of my teammates and their styles as well as why they may make decisions the way they do. I am looking outward more and more now and worrying less!”

Caitlin closed with: “Dive in! Take a leap for yourself! You deserve it!”

We can’t help but agree, join WildRock Trailblazers for our women’s retreat 2024 in April!