Meet Ashley Pintaric, CEO and Founder of Clarion Blue, a boutique marketing agency that helps businesses and brands become the best version of themselves through marketing. Ashley and her dedicated team specialize in three areas: utilizing AI and machine learning to generate customer insights, clarifying a brand’s core messaging and building highly effective strategies for successful campaigns.

Ashley thrives on helping businesses reach goals and celebrate achievements. She provides her clients with high-quality services and educates them on the “why” behind the marketing strategy and customer journey process. This equips her clients with the tools and knowledge to make more strategic decisions. “If they are empowered to make better choices, it helps us too – everyone wins!” A strategist and research junkie at heart, when she is not geeking out over some new bit of customer insight, she is likely drinking coffee or spending time with her family.

In the spring of 2023, Ashley was ready to take her business to the next level and began her WildRock® Trailblazers journey with our one-on-one business coaching. Through the six carefully designed modules, Ashley gained a better understanding of herself and was able to set goals to grow her business with practical tools, clarity on each step and built-in accountability. Since then, she has seen exponential growth in both the quantity and quality of clients!

“I had been looking for coaching programs for weeks to help me scale my business so I could lead from a place of authenticity. Within the first two coaching sessions, my framework for understanding myself as a leader, maximizing my team, and empowering them in their personal and collective success has already exceeded my expectations. I have felt the freedom to be myself, been equipped with a winning combination of tools and resources and allowed the space to build new roots for long-term growth. It’s one of the best investments I have made for personal and professional success,” Ashley explains.

To continue the momentum from coaching and find other safe women with similar values and professional goals, Ashley signed up for the September 2023 Trailblazers retreat.

“Knowing Kristin and what I gained through the one-on-one coaching meant it was an immediate ‘yes’ for me to sign up. I knew that the people would be exceptional and that it would be built with excellence, careful thought and intention.”

Ashley further describes how the Trailblazers retreat allowed the women to discuss everything from life-changing decisions to stories that had them laughing so hard their stomachs hurt. We completely agree that this is the best kind of bonding and have built our retreats with this in mind!

Personal and Professional Impact of a Trailblazer Retreat

Our transformative women’s retreats offer a complete getaway with a mix of health and wellness, reflection and business development that integrate our professional and personal lives. Ashley expressed that it was refreshing to have other women acknowledge the myth that our business and personal lives are not separate and to share openly about the challenges that come with that. The three days together gave Ashley the time and space to connect with other high-level entrepreneurial and executive women, propelled her forward and created long-lasting relationships.

“It’s easy to think that you don’t have room for more friendships or relationships, but going to Trailblazers helped me realize that I need to make space for this community because it fills up my energy tank and makes me a better business leader. It is possible to find deep and meaningful connections with other similar high-level professional women mid-career,” she reflects.

One of Ashley’s biggest goals from the retreat was, “to be more intentional about scheduling time with things that fuel me. It has stuck with me that, “you are only as good as your energy,” – and I have found that is 100% true.” As a result, Ashley has prioritized creating a better work-life balance that allows her to spend devoted time with her family and explore the great Colorado outdoors.

Ashley describes the retreat as “life-changing” and encourages others not to feel guilty about investing in themselves by joining Trailblazers. “It’s worth it in the end, and everyone else will feel the benefits too,” she explains.

We couldn’t agree more, Ashley!