Day in and day out, we put our best foot forward and our best effort with it. We build up our teams, take care of clients, and some of us take care of families. We achieve huge successes and we set ourselves up for our next one. Day in and day out. We know better than most, that burnout is real – we’ve all been there. We are here to offer a solution to leaving the daily grind behind and resetting yourself and your business. Not just a pause, think of it as a refocus or recentering on the things you need to be your best so you, your team, and your personal life can thrive.

WildRock® Trailblazers is a platform that allows high-powered female leaders to reset, whether that’s one-on-one coaching or retreats. As we look ahead to future planning, we want to offer women an opportunity to connect, refuel, discover, and plan with other leaders blazing new trails, and most of that can be found through our retreat offering.

Women are often curious about what makes our retreats different and what they will gain by attending, read on to learn more.

A Better Understanding of Who You Are

First things first: this retreat is FOR you and ABOUT you. The bottom line is, that retreats give you the space to reflect and learn about your authentic self and develop professionally without any work expectations or distractions to get in the way of those discoveries. You can fully embrace your newfound knowledge and direction around a safe community that will offer perspective and encouragement because we have all been and are currently going through it with you. The cherry on top is to use this new perspective and passion to keep charging forward in your life and career.

Trailblazers intentionally integrates both the personal and professional lives we all lead, so by the end, you will be better for yourself and a better executive for your business. Seeing yourself opens the door for you to understand your team further. Applying this discovery process to your overall view of your business can better align you with it and lead to more successful outcomes.  

A Full Reset

As a high-functioning female executive, you are firing on all cylinders all the time, and we 100% applaud you. In a fast-paced world with an overwhelming amount of opinions, resources, and demands, Trailblazers does the heavy lifting to curate the best experience for our attendees. Unlike other conferences that leave little time to apply learnings, we encourage built-in time to rest, absorb, process and apply new information. But everyone needs a pause to maintain concentration and efficiency. You can’t win the race on an empty tank – you’re only as good as your energy! Reset your mind, body, and energy so you feel refreshed with a new perspective and a group of women to help you rise to your “next.”

WildRock Trailblazers Retreats
WildRock Trailblazers retreats offer an opportunity to connect with others

Connection With Like-Minded Women

Our retreats were intentionally created to be in an exclusive, small group setting so you can feel comfortable sharing and growing with others in a confidential space. Show up “as you are,” laugh, learn and inspire one another forward. With an intentionally small group of attendees, you can spend time cultivating deeper relationships, gaining perspective, and getting support from people who know what you are going through – during and long after the retreat.  

Awareness of Your Unique Style

Take this opportunity to understand your style and how it differentiates from others. You will take the  DiSC® behavioral assessment, backed by research and a rich history of over forty years, to learn how you are wired, and how that affects your communication and relationships! As with many behavioral assessments, there is no right or wrong answer, just a better way for you to understand your unique style. This will be an insightful tool for you to have for years to come!

Our retreats take understanding yourself one step further with professional development to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity so you can return to work feeling confident and better equipped to collaborate and move forward into your “next!” Learn how to bridge to communication styles different than yours and develop change management competency through proven change management practices. Benchmarking data shows that initiatives with excellent change management are seven times more likely to meet objectives!

Refueled Passion and Excitement

This retreat is for YOU! Letting yourself refuel will translate to better energy and concentration later. With WildRock Trailblazers retreats, you receive a comprehensive balance of rest, collaboration and professional development. You will also leave with an actionable, concrete plan and a group of amazing women for accountability. With products focused on going deeper with each other, you’ll experience real change and transformation.

You have enough in life that drains you, invest in something life-giving that reminds you who you are at the core. Recalibrate and embrace your authentic self with intention as you continue on the journey of life with a refueled passion and excitement. See you on the trail!