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A Rewarding Professional Journey with an Executive Business Coach Starts Here

I get it, leading a business or organization can be exhausting – and it’s lonely at the top! My passion is helping professional women take the complexity out of “going at it alone” by forging trusted, confidential, one-on-one executive business coach partnerships.

Kristin Golliher - WildRock Trailblazers

Through a highly focused program, co-developed with my executive business coach Johnna Bavoso from The People Business Inc., I help women entrepreneurs and professionals. By understanding their unique wiring, they can lead their organizations to success.

If you are ready to FINALLY have a rewarding professional journey using a proven process (that I have personally experienced in my own business), let’s rock! Together we’ll challenge thought and behavioral patterns. In addition, we will develop actionable, attainable goals by mapping out the support (people, finances, timeline and more) so you can accomplish them.

As a mother of two, wife and career woman, I place an emphasis on a heart-first business approach. Using proven tools and resources, we can build a customized plan for your business together. I believe you can achieve YOUR definition of success, while also staying true to you. I am excited to share my personal journey with select women each year.

I cannot wait to ROCK with you,

Kristin Golliher

What Others Are Saying about their Executive Business Coach Experience

“Coaching with Kristin is the best decision I have made on both a professional and personal level. Her easy candor challenges me, my attitudes, beliefs and perspective. She holds me accountable for my actions and goals and pushes me to a point of growth. Sometimes we get stuck in ways that cause us to cycle in behavior that no longer serves our progress. Kristin helps you identify those sticking points and leads you toward transformation. She’s a game-changer!”

– Corrine R.

“I had been looking for executive business coach programs for weeks to help me scale my business in a way that I could lead from a place of authenticity. Within the first two coaching sessions, my framework for understanding myself as a leader, maximizing my team, and empowering them to their own personal and collective success has already exceeded my expectations. I have felt the freedom to be myself, been equipped with a winning combination of tools and resources and allowed the space to build new roots for long-term growth. It’s one of the best investments I have made for my personal and professional success.”

– Ashley P.

“We have successfully learned to appreciate and harness each other’s distinct skills and capabilities. Team meetings have evolved into open and constructive exchanges, driven by a deeper respect for natural tendencies. The DiSC assessment and Kristin’s facilitation has given us an appreciation for each style and more importantly a common language!”

– Temco, Owner

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A Transformative Process That Starts With YOU

You’re probably wondering how Trailblazers coaching works. Through a series of structured modules, we take a journey that starts with you. Executive business coach engagements are a highly focused 4–6-month program. During our time together, you can expect:

  • First, we’ll get to know each other through a proven, scientifically validated assessment designed to give you a clear picture of who you are and how you’re wired so you can truly appreciate and understand your unique self.
  • Next, we’ll dive into what motivates you. Ever wondered why certain projects excite you and others you dread and tend to push off? We’ll uncover your power alley so you can go grab it.
  • From there, we’ll get curious and creative about where you want to go and then put pen to paper to develop an actionable plan so you can zero in on what’s most important in your career.
  • Finally, we’ll check in, celebrate, and ensure you are set up for success as you determine what’s next.
Kristin Golliher - WildRock Trailblazers

DiSC Assessments: Unleash the Power of Effective & Collaborative Teams

Kristin Golliher - WildRock Trailblazers

As an authorized DiSC® partner, I can help improve communication and productivity in your workplace by helping teams appreciate and understand styles. Backed by research and a rich history, DiSC is a simple tool that is used by more than one million people every year. As with many behavioral assessments, there is no right or wrong answer, the DiSC Assessment is just a better way for you to understand your unique style and the styles of your teammates. With the new Catalyst™ Platform, you’ll have access to a robust online tool allowing you to:

  • First, compare your DiSC style to others and understand similarities and differences.
  • Next, gain tips for more effective interactions – such as what teammates care about, when to pull them in, or even what they might be stressed out by.
  • Finally, navigate through the online platform to find actionable tips to more efficiently adapt to the needs of each person in your organization.

Learn more about DiSC Assessments for your team today!