Make Your WildestCareer & Business Dreams a Reality

It's time to Resetyourself and your career

Are you a high-powered executive woman, business owner or entrepreneur? Are you feeling weary, restless or wondering what’s next?

It can be lonely at the top and so surrounding yourself with coaches, mentors, and other women who just “get it” can truly keep you going in the hardest of seasons.

WildRock Trailblazers Book

WildRock® Trailblazers is designed to give women entrepreneurs and executives the support they need to achieve a rewarding professional journey. Through retreats and one-on-one coaching, Trailblazers is for women who are serious about taking their businesses or careers to the next level, but also want to do it with a heart-forward approach.

Defined simply, Trailblazers are pioneers who are willing to take risks or go on a path that isn’t already there. Purposefully created for fellow makers, doers, the up all-nighters, dreamers, and overachievers, these programs are exclusively designed for you!

WildRock Trailblazers Retreats
WildRock Trailblazers Retreats
WildRock Trailblazers Retreats
WildRock Trailblazers Retreats

Wherever you are on your journey, Trailblazers can help you find your Next.


If you are seeking a complete reset for yourself and your career, our exclusive, small-group retreats are custom designed just for you!


If you are FINALLY ready to have a rewarding professional journey through a highly focused program, one-on-one coaching is for you!

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Feedback from the WildRock Trailblazers

“So very enriching and full of thought-provoking ideas that are broken down to be easily implemented into life and work.”

– Caitlin W.

“To sit with beautiful, passionate women is a humbling and honoring experience. To enjoy the success and celebrate with others while also being vulnerable and raw is an absolute gift!”

– Brandy H.

“Coaching with Kristin is the best decision I have made on both a professional and personal level. Her easy candor challenges me, my attitudes, beliefs and perspective. She’s a game-changer!”

– Corrine R.

Torn Edge

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